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Boj: Building Your Organization One Value at a Time.

We help you identify the work environment of your organization through value-based questions finding you the best talent that fit in your company’s culture.

Your Value-Based Hiring Tool!

Boj can offer you options to fit any budget. We offer job posting packages with either skill or culture matching along with cultural engagement and assessment services.

We’ve Got You Covered

Culture Assessment

Our in-depth culture assessment will help get to the core of what matters most to your organization.

Culture and Skill Matching

Through machine-learning we match candidates to your oganization not only based on their skills, but how well they will fit into your culture.

Grow Your Company

Scaling your business is hard. We get it. Let us help you get the right people in the right place.

Leadership Team

Get all of your leadership team on the same page so team members know they can follow anyone.

Everyone is Different

At boj we recognize that every company is unique. We help you define your uniqueness and how to showcase it on a day-to-day basis.

Post Your Open Jobs

We aren’t just a job board. When you post your job with boj you will get quality candidates. Our platform makes it easy. Try it out now!

What Matters Most to You

Does you company eat, breathe and sleep integrity and grit? We will help you find those people. Give it a try!

Your Brand

Need help establishing your constant-unfolding story? Our video and photography services help you showcase your brand and what matters most.

Boj’s Engagement Services

Boj offers: Assessment, Values & Interview Questions, or a Total Transformation

We have something for every organization. We can help you slowly develop the culture you want . We will help pull out your values and bring what matters most to the front-line and bring you candidates that align with your values and goals.

We offer packages anywhere from a quick Value Assessment to a full Total Transformation. We can work with you to bring you what you need at this moment.


We Make it Easy to Connect With All Levels of Talent

We bring you quality candidates that fit your company’s values. Through machine-learning and specific criteria (that you set!) you will only see candidates that could fit well in your company’s culture. 

What We Do


  • Engagement Services (Assessment, Values & Interview Questions, or Total Transformation)
  • Match Candidates to Your Company Based On a Culture Fit
  • Machine Learning & Automated Data Processing so our Platform Keeps Getting Smarter
  • Pick the Services Works Best for Your Company

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build Your Company Together!

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