No matter who you are, there’s something about you that makes you, you. Regardless of what that something is, it can be leveraged in a professional setting. The problem that many of us face is that from a young age we are told that our quirks are in fact irregularities rather that differentiators. This ideology can lead to a life of self-doubt and hesitation. So here are a quick few tips on how to go from “weird” to winning by turning your quirks into qualities.


The first step more often than not is identifying what makes us stand out, what sets us apart, and why? This is easier said than done. It takes time and self-reflection, but if you are transparent with yourself this will help you begin the journey of embracing your inner weird.


Once you’ve figured out your “x-factor(s)” it’s time to decide what you will do with them. This is the most important part, the conversion of a quirk to a quality. This is when we shift the way the world perceives us but also change the way we see ourselves. It’s all about how you frame things. Context is everything. No matter what it is that you feel self-conscious or quirky about there is always a way to present yourself to the world in a good light. This does not mean you should be deceitful or manipulative in faking who you are. This means you should be highlighting your abilities and proving that your inabilities are an asset too.


Lastly, one must be true to their inner selves. This is how you truly embrace your inner weird. It’s not important how unique or talented, or different you are if you are not authentic. Authenticity is more important than ever in today’s digital age. It is important to present yourself, as yourself, in every and all aspects of life; with a multitude of social media platforms and ways to interact with a global audience this it isn’t an easy task. I can’t provide any vivid detail because I don’t know who you are or what your quirks are, but what I do know is that if you are honest with yourself, always put forth the best version of yourself, and are authentic throughout the process.

The things that we often fear can turn into our biggest assets. It’s all about embracing what yourself, your quirks, interests and finding people that share them with you.



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