Having a professional resume is the first step to landing your dream job. The resume is often the initial introduction between you and a potential employer and it has the power to make or break you. When you’re on the hunt for those opportunities, make sure to bring one of your best tools.

One of the most important aspects of creating your professional resume is to accurately present your job experiences in a way that will impress prospective employees. A resume doesn’t have to be your work experience listed in order.

Look at your resume as an opportunity to show employers that you have the skills that they’re looking for.

Take a look at your most relevant skills and experiences and tailor them for what a specific job is looking for. They’re looking for a “hard worker with time management skills and the ability to work on a team”? You’re a resident assistant and that’s exactly what you do. Write about your experiences and try to describe any accomplishments you have achieved while holding that position. Brand yourself for what you know they’re looking for.

Remember that the details count. Employers are looking for a person to join their team. If they hire you, you will be representing their company and who they stand for. This is why you want to make sure that your resume is presented with excellence. You cannot allow any mistakes to go unnoticed and reach a potential employer’s desk. Double and then triple check your grammar and spelling. Don’t let the difference between “their” and “they’re” be the reason your resume ends up in the trash and you’re struggling for cash.

You might be convinced that you have the best resume in the world, and you might. When it’s time for it to get stacked with hundreds of others, this is when it’s time for it to stand out. No matter how good your accomplishments might be, just writing them down is not good enough.

You must put in the time to make it great.

It’s okay to write it, and then write it again. Your resume can be crucial in helping you get your foot in the door so write it, perfect it and let it shine.

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