College is a start of a new experience, starting the best time of your life. It might be nerve-wracking to think about starting anew, but follow some of these tips from a seasoned college veteran and it will help start you on the right foot!

Don’t Judge

College is a fresh start for everyone, including yourself. You will find out new things about yourself, you will make friends with people you never thought you would have before. This will be an exciting time for you and you will have the opportunity to make lifelong friends.

Always go to class

No matter what other classmates and friends say, skipping classes will always be your biggest downfall. Professors notice when students constantly skip and they are much less likely to give you any kind of leeway. Your professor might mention information in class that will be on an exam that you couldn’t find out on a PowerPoint or in the book.

Register for classes as soon as you can

Never think that you will be able to withstand an 8 AM class. Having to be up that early multiple days a week is harder than it sounds. Registering for classes as early as possible will get you the best class times, and you will have your choice of professors.

Use the library and study rooms

Studying from your dorm room is a lot more distracting– imagine constantly hearing people walking down the hallway. Studying in your room around you bed, TV, and food are a few of the things that will deter you from studying. You will get the most use of your time by just spending time in the library, this also gives you the opportunity to meet new people!

Don’t be afraid to participate

Speaking up in class can often seem intimidating, but making sure you understand the material helps take a lot of stress off your back. Go to your professor’s office hours if you are too scared to speak up in class, but making sure you are prepared for exams takes a lot of daily worry out of your way.

Keep your dorm organized

Door rooms are small enough, let alone sharing it with someone else. Having organization shelves and bins can make your life a lot easier. Keeping your desk organized makes your school life seem less stressed as well. Not sure what to bring? Check out our Dorm Room Packing List.

Join clubs

This is supposed to be the best four years of your life, so make tons of friends! Joining clubs that interest you and relate to your major can help you make lifelong friends and connections that can help you later after you graduate. Plus, this looks GREAT on your resume or your boj profile!

Use a planner

Due dates generally come creeping up on you. Using a planner will help you stay organized and you will be able to visually see when you have free time in your schedule. You can use this free time for school or for your social life.

The freshman 15 is real

Trying to stay healthy while in college is a hard task: late night snacking, stress snack, delivery pizza…you get where I’m going with this. The options for unhealthy food are endless, and more often than not it requires much less work. Trying to keep healthy granola bars and other little snacks will give you more energy and you will be feeling better about eating those snacks. Instead of stress snacking try stress working out, after a while it will give you more energy than you had before and you will feel better about yourself.

It won’t always be easy

The first year will be a whole transition period and it won’t always be fun and games. Keep your head up and continue to work hard, you will be able to look back on these next four years of your life as some of the best!

Now go and get out there! Enjoy these years, not everyone get the opportunity of getting a college education. Study hard but don’t forget to have fun too!

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