Participating in a video interview is the most convenient way to speak with a potential employer without having to go through all the hassle of traveling. If you are set to participate in a video interview, make sure that you are thoroughly prepared. Here are some things you can do to make sure that your video interview runs as smoothly as possible.

Test your Technology
     Technology can prove to be extremely unpredictable. If the piece of technology you are planning on using isn’t always reliable, make plans to invest in or borrow a different form of technology to combat any potential issues. Whatever you choose to use, make sure you know exactly how the webcam and microphone work prior to the interview. That way you can prepare for any technical issues that might come into play. Have a backup piece of technology charged and ready just in case something goes wrong during the interview.

Survey your Surroundings
     Pick a spot where you feel comfortable and at ease to do your interview. Make sure that the area  behind where you choose to sit is free of clutter and remove any items that could be distracting. It is ideal for your interview location to be in a secluded spot with minimal noise. Turn off your phone and computer alerts to avoid unexpected interruptions during your interview. Don’t forget to make sure that your technology can be placed in a way where the camera can capture you from at least the waist up.

Dress to Impress…Still
     You might be doing your interview at home but that doesn’t mean you can wear your pajamas. Make sure that any item of clothing that can be seen is clean and professional, just like it would be if you were doing your interview in person.

Practice makes perfect
     Be certain to practice and prepare for your video interview just as you would any other one. Even though there will be a screen between you, make sure to maintain eye contact, sit up straight and not move around in a way that would be distracting to the other person or people. Remember that there are certain things that pertain to video interviews that aren’t relevant to in-person interviews. One example is that maintaining eye contact in a video interview means looking into the camera. This might feel strange at first but the more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel on your interview day.

Final Thoughts
     Just as you would with any other interview, be sure to follow up with your interviewer and thank them for their time. If you are preparing for your first video interview, the best thing you can do is practice, practice and practice some more. The more comfortable you feel in front of the camera, the more at ease you’ll feel during your interview.


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