“So why do you want this job?” The one question with the power to get the heart pounding and the palms sweaty every time it’s asked. Do you answer honestly with “I really just need money?” Or do you use this as an opportunity to butter up to your prospective employer? “This is the best company in the world and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!” Here are some suggested responses for answering that age-old question when it comes up in interviews.

     To answer this question, it’s important to prepare an answer based on the company you’re interviewing for so you can express genuine enthusiasm. Research the company ahead of time so you can give an answer based around the company and the job position. You can give a 5-minute speech about how excited you are to be a part of the team but it’s even more impressive to be able to know specific things about the place you’re interviewing for. Highlight specific details that appealed to you and encouraged you to apply for the job.

     Answer the question with specific reasons for why you’re a good fit for the job. Refer back to the job requirements that were listed when you applied for the job and tailor your answer to include how your skills and experiences meet those expectations. This is your opportunity to highlight your abilities. Emphasize what you will contribute if hired. Think in terms of the question, “What will you bring to this position?” Once you’ve locked down your answer to the question, memorize it and practice saying it out loud.

For this question, focus on what you can do for the company, not what the company can do for you!

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