We all know that a smile can be one of the most important parts of creating a good first impression, however a grin can go a lot further than just appearances. Along with showing others that you are a friendly face, a smile can start paving your way to success.

Let’s start with what we all know: a smile makes a good impression.

No matter how nervous you are for an interview, or how you may be feeling inside, putting on a smile shows that you are eager and interested in the meeting. No one wants to meet with someone who is blank-faced or looks bored. A smile showcases your confidence and enthusiasm, something that all companies look for. However these traits are only portrayed through a sincere smile; a fake or forced smile doesn’t carry these benefits, and in fact can have a negative impact. A fake smile uses a completely different set of facial muscles, and can portray angst, discomfort, or disinterest, which can carry over to the interviewer. To avoid this, simply remember to relax. When you are relaxed, a genuine smile will come much more naturally, ensuring that your first impression is good.

Not only can a smile affect others, but simply smiling has actual benefits to your own well-being.

Smiling can calm you. When you smile, endorphins are released which help to alleviate anxiety and reduce stress. These endorphins can even slightly lessen feelings of pain, meaning that the grin-and-bear-it technique has some merit. This is not to say that you should smile to heal yourself, but looking happy on the outside can help you feel happier on the inside.

A smile can greatly affect your mood, whether it is forced or not.

Many people think that our facial expressions only reflect the emotions that we are feeling, however studies have shown that facial expressions can also influence the way that we feel. Turning up the corners of your mouth is a simple way to start feeling good, even on your worst day.

An easy way to start smiling more is to learn to love your smile.

Good oral hygiene techniques and a little confidence are your ticket to better jobs, better relationships, and a happier life. Remember to brush thoroughly twice a day, and always floss. Finish off with antibacterial mouthwash and you are good to go. Some people even take an extra step and use teeth whitener, such as whitening strips, up to a week before an important interview or meeting. Love your smile, and show it off! You will only be benefiting yourself.


Now, get out there and show those pearly whites!

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