1. Rent Your Textbooks

            Possibly the number one tip anyone would give you to save money in college is to buy your textbooks used, however there is an even cheaper option. Amazon, Chegg, and even some universities have textbook rental options which can save you hundreds each semester. Additionally, before looking to the bookstore or online, check your school’s library. They often have textbooks or other reading materials necessary for your classes available free of charge.

  1. Buy Your Own Coffee Maker

            Stopping by the café on your way to class may be quick and convenient, but it can add up. Preparing drinks like coffee or smoothies at home instead of buying from a store can help you save hundreds, with the added bonus of knowing exactly what is in your drink so you can stay health conscious. Additionally, buying snacks like trail mix or granola bars in bulk and bringing them with you to class can help cut down on costs when it comes to having the study-munchies.

  1. Leave The Car At Home

            Having a car at school can be convenient, but it is also costly. Parking passes, oil changes, gas and repairs can add up quickly, and many times there is an alternative. Many campuses offer a form of public transportation, or have buildings within a walkable distance. You can also services such as Zipcar or Lyft for longer trips.

  1. Be Aware Of Student Discounts

            Many restaurants, stores, and activities offer student discounts, but you might not be aware of them. Before going out with friends, look up where your going and find out if you can save some cash. Also, look out for activities that are happening on campus. These are usually free and can be just as fun as a night on the town.

  1. Make Your Own Night Out

            Doing activities with your friends is a big part of the college experience. Going out to get food or see the newest movie is always a fun pastime, but they’re not the only option. Having a movie marathon at home or holding your very own cooking competition are just a couple ways to have fun on a budget. Of course going out is great fun, but it doesn’t have to be every weekend.

What are your favorite ways to save cash?

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