“Ouch! … Oh not again.”

With the amount of paper we handle every day, our fingers are the ones that suffer. Small cuts and little flaps of skin can quickly become one of the biggest small annoyances of your day. But there is hope! There are actions that you can take to keep your fingers feeling fantastic.


One of the best things you can do to prevent hangnails is to moisturize your hands. Oftentimes people will apply lotion at night, however it is important to moisturize whenever you wash your hands. Washing can dry out your hands, leaving them more vulnerable to cracks and – you guessed it – hangnails. Additionally, wet skin is exceptional at absorbing moisture, so it is one of the best times to apply lotion period. Doing a nail soak in coconut oil can also be preventative, as it is extremely moisturizing.

The cuticle is the start of most hangnails, so that is the place to focus on. This doesn’t mean cutting them off completely, in fact that can cause even more problems. The important thing is to keep them moisturized and healthy. Feel free to push back your cuticles, but avoid cutting them altogether.

Paper Cuts

Collating all night? Have to make a million copies? Working in the office is the perfect recipe for paper cuts, but there are preventative actions you can take. Similar to with hangnails, moisturizing your hands can help prevent paper cuts. The thicker, the better, as the oils are what are thought to protect the skin and minimize cuts.

As much preventative action as you may take, at a certain point paper cuts are unavoidable, but there is hope! If you do get a paper cut, make sure to rinse it with water and mild soap, and slap a bandage on it, and continue with your day. A hidden secret is to also apply a thin layer of chapstick or raw honey, as it can help the cut heal a little bit faster.


Let’s keep those fingers happy!

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