Packing your whole life into a small dorm room can be confusing, dorm rooms aren’t the biggest so over packing is not something that you should do. Here are a couple reminders of things to bring with you.

  1. Mini Fridge. It is nice to have the option to have cold drinks in your room with you, having a mini fridge gives you a little resemblance of home.
  1. Flips Flops. The shower floors are pretty gross, that is how diseases get spread around. Bringing flip flops will help you feel a little bit more comfortable.
  1. Using a Shower Caddy. Leaving your expensive shower products in the bathroom leaves the chance for them to get ruined or to be used by someone else. Keeping them in a go to spot in your room will help you feel a sense of privacy.
  1. A Bike. Bringing a bike to campus helps you get to class a lot faster, which gives you more time to sleep in. It’s a win-win. Just make sure you bring a bike lock to avoid any theft problems.
  1. A Fan. Those dorm rooms can get extra hot, the buildings are old, and the ventilation is not good. Bring yourself a small electric fan that you can clip onto your bed so that it will help you sleep at night.
  1. Noise Canceling Headphones. It can be hard to study even if you are in the library. Having noise cancelation headphones will help keep you focused and you will be able to use them for years to come.
  1. A Fabric Steamer. Dorm rooms and small and more often than not you will not have a lot of closet space for your clothes. Having a fabric steamer will let you get all the wrinkles out of your clothes without having to worry about ironing them or putting them in the dryer.
  1. Portable Speaker. Being able to listen to music and walk around with it whenever you want is a nice thing you should have to get the party started.
  1. Ear Plugs. You never know how loud the dorm rooms will be. Your neighbors could decide to throw a party the night before a big exam. Having the option of sleeping quietly will relieve some college stress.
  1. A TV. You or your roommate will only need to bring one, as the rooms are small and you wouldn’t have room to fit two anyway. It will be nice to have a little space for relaxing.
  1. Basic Cleaning Supplies. Those dorm rooms that you are in have been around for years, and countless people have lived in them before you. Being about to clean them will make it seem a little less dingy.
  2. Rain Supplies. A rain jacket, rain boots, and an umbrella will save you on the days that you need to walk to class in the rain. Without these chances are class will seem a hundred times more miserable.
  1. Additional Furniture Items. Things like a large trash can, some rugs, a lamp, and additional chairs will make your room feel more welcoming and homey.

Feel free to bring any extra things that you think you might need. This is just a start list that I wish someone would have reminded to of things to bring when I started off at college.

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