Olivia Misterovich, a communication and political science student at Oakland University, is one of the newest Public Relations interns here at Boj.

Misterovich also currently holds another part-time position at the Detroit Public Television and hopes to continue working in the entertainment industry sharing that her dream job would be to work as a public relations or event organization specialist for a music promotion company.

When she’s not writing or working you can find her out by the lake, at a music festival, or solving jigsaw puzzles.

Misterovich says that her favorite work environment is at a desk with music on, but for the beginning stage of her writing process, she prefers to be out in nature to brainstorm.


Boj gives me the independence to work at my own pace and a sense of self-responsibility.


I am very excited to start my writing career at BOJ and knowing that it is run by women is something very empowering for a young college student like myself.

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