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Tips for Incoming College Freshman

College is a start of a new experience, starting the best time of your life. It might be nerve-wracking to think about starting anew, but follow some of these tips from a seasoned college veteran and it will help start you on the right foot! Don’t Judge...

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Lifelong Skills You Can Get Now

School has started...NOW WHAT? This is often one of the most exciting times for new and returning college students but also the most confusing! Where do I start and what do I want to do? Most students don’t have any experience in the field that they want...

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How to Respectfully Resign

If you’re looking for a change of scenery in the workplace, it might be time to have that conversation involving two little words that no boss likes to hear: “I quit.” Quitting a job can be stressful but it can also be the best step for furthering your career goals....

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Sleep: The Best Journey To Success

In today’s fast-paced world, it can feel like sleep just gets in the way. All those hours that could be spent studying or working on a project for work wasted on sleep when you always wake up tired anyway. However sleep is a powerful tool that can actually...

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Dorm Room Packing List

Packing your whole life into a small dorm room can be confusing, dorm rooms aren’t the biggest so over packing is not something that you should do. Here are a couple reminders of things to bring with you. Mini Fridge. It is nice to have the option to have...

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Intern Spotlight: Olivia Misterovich

Olivia Misterovich, a communication and political science student at Oakland University, is one of the newest Public Relations interns here at Boj. Misterovich also currently holds another part-time position at the Detroit Public Television and hopes to...

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Intern Spotlight: Zack Zagula

Zack Zagula, a Public Relations major with a minor in advertising at Western Michigan University, has just started as one of the new Public Relations interns at Boj. He loves the mission behind BOJ, stating, “I’m excited to work with Boj and help find...

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How to build your on-campus network

Professors First things first let's get this clear; there is no such thing at brown nosing in college. Teacher's pets don’t exist, but favorite students do. When the first day of a semester arrives not every class is going to be your favorite. The...

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Radiant Skin for the College-Bound

You are now college bound and while that can be stressful and exciting at the same time, you don't want it to show through in your skin.  Here are a few tips to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant. Stay hydrated Drinking water is really important to keep your...

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Intern Spotlight: Hannah Washington

Hannah Washington could not be more excited to be working as a public relations intern for boj. A senior journalism major at Michigan State University, Washington is glad to work for a women-run company. "I really love the concept of boj and that it's a...

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Intern Spotlight: Heidi Hodges

Heidi Hodges believes that the boj app is a “college student’s dream.” She’s a big fan of boj in more ways than one. “I think that working with a startup is an incredible opportunity and working for two women is just the icing on the cake!” Hodges believes she has...

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Tips to Nail Your First Job Interview

So you’re looking to get hired and you’ve secured your first interview. Your first impression can be the most important one that you make. Follow these tips to ensure your first impression is a great one and you put your best foot forward. Show up prepared Do your...

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