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Nailing that Job Interview

So you’re looking to get hired and you’ve secured your first interview. Your first impression can be the most important one that you make. Follow these tips to ensure your first impression is a great one and you put your best foot forward. Show up prepared Do your...

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After the Interview: Follow-up!

You might think your job is over after you interview for a new position but you forgot about one final task: the interview follow-up. By following up after an interview, you have the power to remind your interviewer why you’re a strong candidate for the position....

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Secrets of Success: Daily Routine

            The most successful people have one thing in common: they have a routine. Having a routine keeps your mind sharp and helps to structure your day, while preparing you for anything that comes ahead. A routine can focus your mind and body, and help alleviate...

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The Importance of Company Culture

When heading into the grownup realm of working, a large part of the process of choosing a job comes from finding the right environment to enter. Sure, getting paid to work is nice, but if the company doesn’t fit then you’re likely to do worse work and be...

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5 Tips To Save Money In College

  Rent Your Textbooks             Possibly the number one tip anyone would give you to save money in college is to buy your textbooks used, however there is an even cheaper option. Amazon, Chegg, and even some universities have textbook rental options which can save...

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Secrets of Success: Grooming

How you present yourself is one of the most important parts of having a successful career. Although in an ideal world looks wouldn’t matter, unfortunately they can have a large affect. However there are things that you can do to help land the job you want....

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Interview X-factors

So you got the interview, congratulations! Now you’re just another fish in a slightly smaller pond of bigger fish. You can find out the hard way that an interview doesn’t always equate to a job offer or you can follow this advice and make sure that you...

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Financial frugality for the struggling student

Many of us struggle with money management, but not to our own fault. Unfortunately, more often than not people are not properly educated on the topic and don’t even know where to start. Here are a few basic pointers that can be helpful in starting to take control of...

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Simple Ways to Impress Your New Boss

     So it’s your first week at your new job. You’ve figured out how everything works at your new place of employment but you decide it’s time to do more. Here are some  simple ways to impress your new boss and prove yourself as a valuable member of your new team from...

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How to Avoid Being the Bad Roommate

When living in a dorm room you are sharing a small space, having two people living in a small room can add a lot of stress to your living environment. You can even send this article to your new roommate to let them know your expectations of your living experience....

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Crash Course on “Candidate Fit”

When conducting their job searches, employers are on the hunt to hire a person that they believe is not only a good fit for the job but for the company as a whole. Your resume being flagged as a good fit is what will land you an interview but actually participating in...

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Secrets of Success: Clothing

The way that you dress can say a lot about you. Everyone has their own special style, and one of the easiest way to express yourself is through what you wear. It is the first thing people see, and often their first impression comes from what you have on....

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So Why DO You Want This Job?

     “So why do you want this job?” The one question with the power to get the heart pounding and the palms sweaty every time it’s asked. Do you answer honestly with “I really just need money?” Or do you use this as an opportunity to butter up to your prospective...

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Conquering Paper Cuts and Hangnails

“Ouch! … Oh not again.” With the amount of paper we handle every day, our fingers are the ones that suffer. Small cuts and little flaps of skin can quickly become one of the biggest small annoyances of your day. But there is hope! There are actions that...

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Secrets of Success: A Smile

We all know that a smile can be one of the most important parts of creating a good first impression, however a grin can go a lot further than just appearances. Along with showing others that you are a friendly face, a smile can start paving your way to...

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