So you’re looking to get hired and you’ve secured your first interview. Your first impression can be the most important one that you make. Follow these tips to ensure your first impression is a great one and you put your best foot forward.

Show up prepared
Do your research on the company or organization you’re interviewing for. Use Google to your advantage and try to find out what the key information and current events are surrounding the company you’re interviewing for. You can even show up with a few specific questions to ask to show that you’re interested in the company. The key is to be prepared without sounding too rehearsed.

Study your resume
If you already have an interview, chances are the company has received an electronic version of your resume. Be sure to bring a hard copy along as well. In an interview, anything that you put on your resume is fair game for an interviewer to ask you about. Think about what they could ask you in advance and prepare thorough and honest answers to the questions. Make sure to speak about why your previous experiences make you the right person for the job. Check out this link to find more tips on how to make your resume shine.

Practice good nonverbal communication
Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact. Maintaining good eye contact when speaking and listening can be one of the strongest forms of nonverbal communication that you can display and can be key in the impression that you make. Your body language can also be a significant use of nonverbal communication. To nail your interview, be certain to sit up straight and exude positive and confident energy.

Be yourself and relax
Never try to alter yourself to be the person you think the company is looking for. Stay authentic and be honest with yourself and your interviewer about whether or not the job is right for you. If you are your true self, you will find the job you are truly meant to have.

You got this. You’re ready. Go land your dream job! Wanted to be added to our Job Seeker database? Contact us now!

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