2 years and a lot of trial and error later we are so pleased to introduce boj (job spelled backward / Beginning Of a Journey).

Boj is a dynamic matching platform delivering a targeted list of jobs for our candidates (students) with no application process.

Our Story:

We (founders: Brooke & Sabrina) have been recruiting for companies of all sizes and various verticals for several years.  We understand the pain and challenges that companies go through in hiring talent.  We have worked with many college students building their resumes, teaching them how to market themselves, coaching them on conducting interviews, providing guidance on where to go for a job and how to find a job. We are very passionate about helping companies and students.

Changing point:

We were tasked with hiring 100 college graduates. We tried every resource that we could find.  Only to discover, there is a huge disconnect between college students finding a job and companies hiring college students. A light bulb went off. Thus, boj was born.

So what exactly is boj?

boj is a mobile app that connects current college students and graduates to job opportunities within companies that hire recent college grads and or interns.  It is simple and easy for college students to create a profile, upload their resume, and submit a self-video.

Based on the criteria the companies set for the positions and the profile of the student, algorithms have been developed to match the student to the job opportunities best suited for them. Once a match is found, the student and the company will be notified.  At that point, the student and the corporation may accept or decline the next step of the interviewing process.

your life during college on white apple phone

What does boj do for employers?

Boj is for employers who hire college graduates or interns. Employers will love our College Job SaaS solution to attract the hard to find talent. Our SaaS will allow them to be more efficient, save time, and eliminate some of the challenges and difficulties in reaching college students. Employers also have an opportunity to showcase their culture and brand through video and website directly on the app.

view of employer portal on desktop

Does this sound like something you could use? If you are a college student or a recent grad you need to download the app from the app store….like now.

If you are an employer and you want to learn more about our platform, contact us now.

Do you have anything you would like to see us add to the app? Are you interested in becoming a brand ambassador at your school? Contact us now and let us know!