So it’s your first week at your new job. You’ve figured out how everything works at your new place of employment but you decide it’s time to do more. Here are some  simple ways to impress your new boss and prove yourself as a valuable member of your new team from day one.

Radiate Positivity
     Always exude positivity at work even if you’re not having the best day. Be enthusiastic about the work that you’re doing no matter what it is. Something as simple as making sure to say “hello” every day with a smile will help your boss take notice of your good attitude and have a positive impression of you.

Earn Their Trust
     Being open and honest with your new boss is a great way to earn their trust and begin building a good relationship. Make sure to foster open communication with your employer and express both the challenges and triumphs that come up in your job. Suggest having weekly casual meetings where you can update your boss on anything new that occurs. You can also use this one-on-one time to ask for feedback and make sure that you’re on the right track.

Proactively Solve Problems
     Given that you’re a new employee, it might be intimidating at first when dealing with your first challenge. Assert yourself as a leader in the workplace. Step up and volunteer to do that extra project when nobody else will. Your boss will value that you choose to actively find solutions instead of passively complaining about problems.

Be a Team Player
     Doing a good job independently is important but it’s also crucial to showcase how you function in a team environment. Make an effort to get to know your coworkers from the very beginning. Your boss will be evaluating how you fit in with the existing employees and if you work well together. Your fellow employees can also be important allies in vouching for you in future situations so it’s important to build positive relationships with them.

Do you feel ready to impress?

     Your relationship with your employer can be a key factor in a decision to give you a raise or a promotion. Using these tips will not only impress your boss but they will also help you in setting the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career.

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