If you’re looking for a change of scenery in the workplace, it might be time to have that conversation involving two little words that no boss likes to hear: “I quit.” Quitting a job can be stressful but it can also be the best step for furthering your career goals. If you have come to the decision that it’s time for you to resign from your job, here are some tips on how to do it in the most respectful way possible.

The Resignation Letter
It is crucial to be completely straightforward in your resignation letter to your job. Make sure to thank your employer for the opportunity to work for their company, even if the job wasn’t everything you’ve ever wanted. If you can, try to touch on the highlights of your time with them and speak about the positive impact the job had on your career and personal growth. It is always better to resign on good terms because you never know when you might be in need of a reference. At the end of your letter, be clear about when you are planning on officially leaving the position. Courtesy  requires that you inform your employe at least 14 days in advance that you will be resigning. This will give you enough time to wrap up any projects you are involved in and allow your employer to begin searching for your replacement.

The Process
The best and most respectful way to resign from a job is to speak to your employer about your resignation in person and bring your written resignation letter with you. If you and your employer work in different locations, make a telephone call and then follow up with an email with your resignation letter attached. After your employer has your resignation letter, remember that your work doesn’t just stop. Continue to work at the same level you were working at before resigning up until your very last day. Try to ensure that there is a smooth transition between you and whoever is going to be hired to replace you.


Don’t burn any bridges.


Final Tips and Reminders

  • Be certain to remain professional and respectful throughout the entire resignation process.
  • Remember to update any and all professional social media profiles and LinkedIn accounts. Make sure to update your resume as soon as possible to ensure that it stays up to date.
  • It is okay to keep in touch with your former employer and fellow employees after leaving a job. Anybody you have worked with could have a significant impact on your future career.

Just remember: the best way to leave any job, is on a positive note.

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