When conducting their job searches, employers are on the hunt to hire a person that they believe is not only a good fit for the job but for the company as a whole. Your resume being flagged as a good fit is what will land you an interview but actually participating in the interview is where your potential employer will assess whether or not you would be a good fit for the position and the company.

What Makes a Candidate a Good Fit?
There are many different aspects that potential employers consider when deciding whether or not a candidate could be a potentially good fit for the position. The first quality that is usually considered is if your resume is in line with the qualifications outlined in the job description. (Check out this article if you’d like to learn helpful resume tips!) However, during your interview interviewers will ask you specific questions to find out if your personality, skills, education and experiences are also on target for the position.

Examining the Company Culture
As mentioned before, candidate fit goes way beyond just having a quality resume. Employers are searching for candidates with traits that match the company’s corporate culture on a personal and professional level. For example, a company like Google values innovative and creative thinkers. They are looking for candidates who hold the qualities that fit with their company’s culture.

Following the Leader
Another aspect of determining candidate fit has to do with the management and leadership style integrated into the company. For example, if the manager of a company likes to get heavily involved in all of their employee’s work, the interviewer might look to hire somebody who enjoys doing collaborative work instead of somebody who is more independent.

If after participating in the interview and you are not offered the job, don’t think of it as a failure.

It might not be that you weren’t the right fit for the job, the job might not be the right fit for you.

The process of interviewing for a job works both ways. For a potential candidate, interviewing for a job gives you the opportunity to determine whether the environment of the job, the employer and the values of the company are what you’re looking for. If a job ends up not being a match, take some time to reevaluate what you are looking for and set off on finding your dream job that is everything you want and need!

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