Jacqueline Paredes’ favorite quote is the forever relevant, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” It’s no surprise that she’s decided to pursue a career in human resources. Paredes currently serves as the recruiting team lead and human resources manager for boj.

We got a chance to sit down with the Central Michigan University graduate student and here’s what she said.

Where are you originally from, what school are you at now and what brought you to boj?
I was raised in the metro Detroit area and am currently pursuing my Master’s degree at Central Michigan University. I joined the boj team because I knew that I could learn a lot about all aspects of business by being a part of a startup. I also love the app and wanted to work somewhere with a good environment, doing something I enjoy.

What are some of your personal interests?
My hobbies include playing video games, watching Netflix, reading and painting or doing other crafty things. One major interest of mine is traveling. I really love to see new places, experience different cultures and try new things.

How did you find out about boj and what inspired you to pursue an internship with us?
I found out about boj through a job board and I pursued the recruiting internship at first because I met with our CEO, Brooke, and she was so passionate about the app and business which really inspired me to get on board.

Any tips for others who might be thinking about internships?
Apply to every internship you are qualified for. Entering the job market is a lot harder than you think-don’t wait to apply! Also, before you go into an interview do research on the company you are interviewing with.


Paredes plans on working for boj for a long time and we’re very excited to have her on our team!

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