When heading into the grownup realm of working, a large part of the process of choosing a job comes from finding the right environment to enter. Sure, getting paid to work is nice, but if the company doesn’t fit then you’re likely to do worse work and be unhappy.

So what do we look for in company culture? I talked to a couple college students on my campus to see what they value in a workplace.

Me: Hi, hello, thanks for sitting down with me.

Tyler: No problem.

Sam: Yeah, thanks for having us.


Me: So what year are each of you?

Sam: I’m a senior.

Tyler: I’m a junior, third year.


Me: Have you looked into jobs for after graduation?

S: I have. I’ve been doing an internship for about a year and they’ve offered me a position, but I am also browsing elsewhere as well.

T: I’ve thought about it a lot, but I wouldn’t say I’m actively looking. I still have time I think; thinking about the future is scary!


Me: Ha ha, it certainly can be. Do you know what kind of place you’re looking for?

T: I’m a BMS [biomedical sciences] major, so I’d love to find a lab that I could do research at. My dream is to cure a disease.


Me: And Sam?

S: My major is social work, and I’m just looking for a place where I feel like I could make a difference.


Me: So when it comes to the actual company and the work environment, what do you look for?

T: I’d like my employer and I to have a relationship you know, I don’t want to feel like just another worker. There needs to be communication. Also I’d like to work somewhere where the culture is a little more laid back. Not unprofessional, but somewhere where you can have fun while getting your work done.

S: I’d look for somewhere that’s going to challenge me. I think that’s why I chose social work in general, but I don’t want to go into work and feel like I am being underutilized or everything is too easy. Also, as a woman, I feel like respect is one of the most important things. I don’t want to work somewhere where I am disrespected for any reason.


Me: How important is company culture to you?

S: Extremely. I won’t work somewhere that won’t work with me.

T: I think it’s important, but if the job is good and the pay is good but I just don’t love my boss or something, I probably wouldn’t just leave unless I had a better offer.


Me: Would you say most of your friends or classmates feel similarly?

T: That’s a tough question because I think everyone has their own opinions.

S: A lot of my friends say work environment is important, so I’d say yeah they feel the same.


Me: Alright, well thank you again for having this talk with me, and I wish you luck with finding your dream company!

S: Ha ha, thanks. And same to you.

T: Yeah, thanks.

Remember, find somewhere that works for you!

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