Congratulations! You’ve graduated! Now what?

This is often one of the most questioning times for new college graduates, where do I start and what do I want to do? Most graduates don’t have any experience in the field that they want to start in, this is where the idea of an internship comes into play.

No Experience Necessary

Employers hire interns knowing that they often do not have any experience and that they are there to learn. As an intern, you will have someone working above you, known as your boss, but you should also look at them as your mentor. Someone that you can ask the questions that you think are stupid.

When I started my first internship I couldn’t figure out how to use the printer for the life of me. I told my mentor, she giggled a little and then showed me not only how to use it for printing but little tips and tricks that I would need to know later when trying to do more advanced functions. Showing your boss that you are ready to learn and want to know the information that they have tells them that you are taking the job seriously and shows them that you respect the knowledge that they have.

Considering you more than likely haven’t worked in the industry that you are looking to go into, when you start your internship you will learn insider information that you never could have learned in the classroom. This will also help you figure out if it is the right industry for you and what kind of job titles that you think will suit you in the future.

Room for Advancement

Working hard while being ‘just an intern’ can give you the opportunity to advance into a full-time position. Employers like hiring interns because they already know them, know what kind of work they do, and if they will fit into the work environment. You will also know a lot about the company as well, which can help if you interview for any positions that they have open.

Grow your Network

One of the more important parts of having an internship is that you will start growing a professional network. Most new college graduates haven’t started growing one yet and don’t even realize that they will need one. The connects that you make in the workforce will carry with you wherever you go, so make sure that you are putting a good impression out there.

Starting out post college with an internship will be able to help give you the confidence that you need to get out there and start your career!

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