When living in a dorm room you are sharing a small space, having two people living in a small room can add a lot of stress to your living environment. You can even send this article to your new roommate to let them know your expectations of your living experience.


Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Being rude to your roommate and not telling them what is wrong can often lead to unneeded tension between you two. People can tell when something is wrong, so don’t make passive aggressive comments. Telling them when they have done something that annoys you can help prevent the same issue later on.


Keep the Living Space Clean

These rooms are small, leaving cups, wrappers and plates everywhere can add up quickly in a place so small. This also gives your roommate an excuse to not clean up after themselves as well. Keeping your space clean will take away stress from walking into a cluttered room.


Set Ground Rules for Quiet Times

Respecting sleeping and study times can be a critical part of living together. Setting ground rules down for when you will be trying to go to sleep is an important part of living together, especially when you have school to think about. Being considerate for each other’s schedules is an important part of living together.


Try to Spend Quality Time Together

You will be living together for the next 9 months, so get to know the person that you are living with! This doesn’t mean that you should be immediate best friends, but you could end up getting to know someone that you wouldn’t have thought you ever would have talked to. You can learn new things about yourself and those around you.


Dealing with Unwanted Guests

Your roommate might want to have guests over when all you want to do is relax in bed, and you could want to have friends some hangout when your roommate needs to study. For that reason, hanging out in common areas of the dorm room when you want to spend time with friends tells your roommate that inviting people over all the time might not be the best idea and that inviting people over should be reserved for special occasions.


Don’t Use Things That Don’t Belong to You

Using someone else’s personal items is one way to start an argument. You might not think it is a big deal if you drink your roommates last water bottle or borrow their comb, but to someone else this can really upset them. Therefore asking before you borrow any of their items can go a long way, just as you would appreciate being asked before your items were taken or used.


Sharing a room with a stranger can be a strange experience, but just being polite and giving them their personal space can mean a lot to another person. You won’t have to share a room for the rest of your life, so try to make this period the easiest that you can!

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