About US

About boj

boj (job spelled backward) was born while we were working on an entry-level placement for Carbon Three. We found it extremely difficult to find specific talent. From our frustration, boj was born. We are ready to disrupt the industry.

Our Approach to Building Teams is Centered Around Machine Learning Creating Curated Matches to Fit A Company’s Values.

Boj is a platform that uses a two step approach. We are helping companies to define their culture and matching candidates to companies through qualifying the values of the candidates and scoring those against the company culture. We are matching candidates to companies based on culture fit! 

In addition, we offer culture services, engagement services, recruiting services, various SaaS packages and so much more. 

Our Awesome Team

Brooke Dunwell

Brooke Dunwell

Founder & CEO

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Sabrina Wescott

Sabrina Wescott

Cofounder & COO

Never underestimate the impact you can have on those around you. A smile goes a long way.

Our Values

At boj we thinkers and doers. We are always striving to come up strategic ideas and ways of getting things done. We are scrappy. We get out and figure it out. We identify an opportunity, find a solution and execute it. We get it done.


Creative - Strategic - Innovative
We choose wisely. We execute wisely. We consistently think outside of the box. We bring new ideas to the table. We.Are.Always.Thinking.
Free- hearted
Our hearts are always open. Our minds are always open. Our spirits are always open.
We are truthful. We are honest and we treat others with respect. We respect each other and we respect ourselves.
Fiery & Perseverant
We don’t give up and we aren’t afraid to try new things.

What We Do Best

Building Teams

Evaluating Values

HR Services

Training & Development

Branding Your Company

Interview Questions

Total Value Transformation


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