It hasn’t been that long since I graduated college. Well, I guess it depends on who you ask. Ask a 5 year old and 10 years was a really long time ago. Ask a mom with a 10-year old child, and 10 years ago seems like yesterday. Either way, college has drastically changed since I went to school. It was a different world back then…let’s check out how:

1- This was our projector/smart board and practically EVERY teacher used one:


2: Facebook was a thing, but it was nowhere near as popular as it is now.

(Yes, that means we didn’t have group pages to interact with our classmates outside of class. We had to do this…IN PERSON!) This is what Facebook looked like:



3: Using a cell phone in college was much different than what it is now. (We only used it to call (& occasionally text) people!)

During the course of 2006, better cameras were built into handsets, fashion phones battled it out on the catwalk, GPS and Wi-Fi integration became common, and advances in mobile networks saw faster downloads for content.”

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The iPhone was just beginning to gain popularity and revolutionalize how we interact with our phone.

4. I took a test on a scantron. And I used hand-written flash cards. On actual notecards.


5. I had to buy my books, new. That’s was like hundreds of dollars a semester. 

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Oh well! Either way you look at it, College is a GREAT experience. Now, I want to ask you, current students and past graduates, what would you add to this list?